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Shopping Online, where?

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So I guess I’m used to a hectic schedule at Christmas, most of us are, even if all of our families live in roughly the same geographic area of the world. By the way, sorry for springing the C-word so early in November.. but this year, because I have to go from Germany to Florida to Montreal/Quebec City all in the span of 2.5 weeks, I’ve decided I need to order things online. There’s no way I can trudge around gifts in a suitcase, nor will I have time to go shopping in the US or Canada when we get there.

I have heard about many people doing ALL their shopping online, so here’s the list of places I’ve made purchases from in the past:

  • Amazon – books, anything, everything
  • REI – snow clothes and gear
  • Sports Authority – sports clothes, equipment
  • L.L. Bean – clothes, etc
  • Gap – I like gap socks, sometimes they have cute sweaters too
  • Zappos – good for shoe shopping, and the occasional shoe buying
  • Overstock.com – haven’t actually ordered from here but seen stuff people have ordered and it seems like a deal
  • BestBuy – of course
  • Footlocker – usually have tried the shoes in person before I order them though

I just wondering if I’m missing any big online wonderlands.


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November 4, 2007 at 11:50 am

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