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or does the Fall TV season seem to be pretty unexciting so far? All of my shows seem to have fallen into some sort of bad writing rut, are all the writers on vacation for 2 months?Heroes is the biggest disappointment. Last season’s plot was “save the world”, which was on the edge as it was, but what is the plot so far this season? “Save the world” sorta, I think, and look, another guy who flys with really really bad special effects. Maybe I’m being harsh but this show seems to be going nowhere so far.

House was the show I hated when I first started watching but then it turned into one of my favorites. I really miss the old team though. And, on a purely shallow note, I liked Cameron in her doctor clothes, she looked great pretty much every episode, now they have her in pink scrubs. <sigh>

Prisonbreak is the third heart-breaker for me. How could they do that to Sarah, though I’m secretly hoping somehow it’s just a trick.

There is still time for these shows, maybe they are saving all the good stuff for later. Hopefully 24, and Lost will be good, they start after Christmas. One Tree Hill too – gotta have my dose of drama.


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November 5, 2007 at 9:40 pm

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