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German really do like

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sausages. Twice a week at my company’s cafeteria is normal, see typical menu below. I asked my fellow German co-workers and they admit it, they are pretty happy about this. No beer is available at work, but you can find it in large quantities pretty much everywhere else:

15. Oktober – 19. Oktober


Spaghetti Ă  la Carbonara with ham and mushrooms in cream sauce, salad 1250 kcal


Meat sausages with yogurt sauce, fresh onions, pepper rice and cabbage salad 1300 kcal


Chicken “Hawaii” with pineapple and cheese, french fries and salad 1350 kcal


Pork chop with peas, carrots and butter potatoes 1180 kcal


Spicy soup with Mettwurst(sausage) and bread 1,240 kcal


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November 7, 2007 at 9:05 am

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