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So like I said in the About section, I have relocated to Germany for the next year and a half. The company I work for has offices in lots of places all over the world, but the main offices (at this point) are in Montreal, the headquarters, in Tampa, Florida (where I am from originally), and in Germany (where I am for a contract now). So far it’s been different and the same. I would say about 4 months of pretty high stress were involved in transferring though. In the two months before I left, I got rid of my apartment, gave away a bunch of stuff, bartered off my desktop PC, my furniture, sold my 2006 car (ok it was a Civic, but still), and moved all the sentimental stuff I couldn’t part with, books, pictures, skis, etc.. into my grandmother’s house and garage, so all I came over here with was one box I shipped (full of shoes and a few books), and two suitcases.

After I finished in Tampa, I flew to Montreal for about 3 weeks, where I helped my boyfriend do pretty much the same exercise on his end.

Once we got to Germany, we had an apartment rented by the month, for the first month, taken care of by the company, thank god for this, as well as a car. We really wanted to get an apartment that was furnished since we knew our time here was defined and selling stuff after the fact is a pain. Alas, that isn’t done much here, and the apartments that were furnished were college dorm or retirement type places, neither fitting the bill.

So we found our apartment at pretty much the last week of our free month, and it happened to be pretty close to where we work. Nice. But it was empty. It had a kitchen though, an oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher, which is not common here. I guess most people take their refrigerator with them, even in apartments. So our next step was to find a bed, fast, and everything else a person needs, which turns out to be quite alot when you are starting at zero with no family to give you old stuff.

IKEA to the rescue. We set a $2000 budget and we kept pretty close because IKEA has all kinds of crap, and most of it is pretty cheap. Navigating IKEA, when you are buying wardrobes and dressers and light fixtures (yes people here seem to take these things with them when they leave too), and tables and couches and rugs, pots/pans, silverware and nightstands and shelves, mirrors and towel racks, etc etc… was insane. I think our new neighbors were pretty annoyed with us, for about 2 straight weeks we were up late, starting after work, with the power drill and hammer, putting together our wood/particle-wood furniture. We didn’t buy everything at IKEA, but I bet 90% is IKEA. The joke was that there is at least a couple other people in the world with the same exact apartment that we picked out.

Okay, apartment down. Next, transportation. We live roughly 3.5 km (2.2 miles) from work. There is the train, which gets close to work, but not that close, so we decided to get bikes. So we’re bike commuters now. Does 2.2 miles count as a commute? I’m not sure, but I will tell you this. It’s far enough that if it’s raining, you get wet. If it’s cold outside, you have to put on a jacket (or 3 in my case) and a scarf, and gloves and a helmet. But it’s actually kinda fun to bike to work. I have my moments, and I don’t suppose my hair ever looks perfect at work (sigh) but it’s different, and I like different.

So I could go on more, but that’s the most of that story. Sorta long post – against the blog guidelines, but this blog stuff is new to me too.


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November 8, 2007 at 10:07 pm

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  1. Yea IKEA!! I got stuck in a traffic jam on the way home because one opened yesterday by my apartment. People camped out like when the iPhone was released. They need better hobbies!! I *am* looking forward to checking it out but I’m waiting for the craziness to settle a bit first.


    November 15, 2007 at 8:43 pm

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