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High Fidelity

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Okay, I finished it. First off, it’s not a bad book, if you don’t mind a whiny, sulky main character. The author’s insights into couples’ life, do not hit me as spot on. For example, he talks about women, the main character’s girlfriend(s) don’t have exotic underwear, and he implies, with a cockiness, that all women live this lie, lingerie doesn’t exist in adult relationships, neither do romantic dinners, nor adoration for your partner. I know the book is trying to laugh at itself but I just find its funny ‘truths’, as untruths. Yes, to be adored, you must do things to make you adore-able. You must do things, sometimes alot of things, that are not all about you. The writing is good, the ideas are pretty immature. I pegged it right as Guy-lit genre, but it seems to be missing a key idea you find lurking around chick-lit novels, even if they get it wrong- where is the love in this book? I think it’s more of a hip to be jaded type book, and maybe I’m too romantic to be a guy. Huh..


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November 11, 2007 at 11:10 pm

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