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Book Review – I am Legend

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I am Legend
by Richard Matheson

“Come out, Neville!” Robert Neville is the last man unaffected by a plague that has turned everyone into blood-thirsty vampires. He’s lost his wife and daughter, and his now-vampire/undead neighbor visits the front of his house nightly, taunting him to come outside. I really liked this novel. It’s much more a psychological story than a horror story. I ordered it, thinking it would be good to have a scary read for Halloween ( I love Halloween), but the book came late, and that is just fine. The author creates great tension in the book, and while I think I would have preferred another ending, a longer one maybe (the book is 160 pages), I’m impressed with the level of detail. Matheson provides just enough detail to make the character and the scene understood, but leaves just enough left unsaid that the reader’s mind gets to fill in the rest. To me, this is storytelling at its best. There have been two movies based on the book, and a third is coming out in December. I just watched the trailer on youtube and from what I saw it seems loosely-based on the book.


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November 16, 2007 at 10:09 pm

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