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Wonky girl finds a home

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Sunday used to be my catch-up day, but adjustments have been made, now it’s Saturday. I got my hair cut this morning, finally, with some blonde streaks, which is quite the relief. I’m pretty sure everyone at work is tired of seeing me in a ponytail, most of all me.

It’s always funny going to this salon, it’s next door to what I would guess you would call an art gallery. What is funny is that the most of the paintings are really not very good. It reminds me of walking past the art wall in school. There was a painting of a girl the last time I’d walked by there, and parts of it were nice, she had nice eyes and long white-blonde hair on a black background, but something about her was wonky. Her posture, or her neck. I couldn’t imagine where such a painting should live. So this morning as I walk by I see the painting is gone. “Could that painting have sold?”

So I go into the salon, they smile, and the hair dresser and I negotiate what I want done through broken English littered occasionally with German words I interject at nearly the appropriate times. Good, I think we are on the same page. I break out my book and the salon magic begins. A little later the buzzer rings, my foils are ready so I go to the back of the salon to the sink with one of the assistants. I sit down and look up, and there is the wonky girl painting! It’s in the salon in the shampooing area! She did have hair nice enough for a salon, and why not put her near the shampooing basins. Anyway it made me quite happy.


Written by Kat

November 17, 2007 at 6:27 pm

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