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So it’s Sunday night again. I’m happy enough to go to work tomorrow, I just wish I had another day to hang around the apartment with my beau, and maybe get some more reading time in. I’m going to try to get in early tomorrow so I can leave earlier. Always easy to say when it’s not morning yet.

Just finished New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer, book 2 in her series. I liked it. I’ll do a full review tomorrow but I was quite pleased with the last 1/3 of the book. It rarely happens to me that I enjoy the second half of a novel more than the first. I have the urge to go on, but it’s book review stuff so I’ll hold off.

We went to the Aachen Christmas market on Saturday, that was fun. You can see a little review on my other blog. Today we found some storage we had forgotten about, Dan does have his wool coat here in Germany, which is good because he needs it. We got pretty cold at this market, it’s all outdoors with no warm-up areas. Neither of us were wearing proper boots for standing outside in below 0 temps. So it’s our fault.

I picked up The Thief Lord, bless Dan and his patience for my spontaneous bookstore-browsing hobby. So far my reading is on pace with my buying. I need to work on my French lessons though, my progress is up and down in that department. Dan and I are out of recorded tv shows, so we watched Clerks 2 last night. I wasn’t sure he’d like it, or get all the terms since French-Canadians don’t have all the same slang. He liked it, with an explanation here and there. I had already seen it, overall I like it, some of it once is enough, I’m not a crude comedy person, but this movie does have a good personality that shines through. Elias scenes were the best to rewatch for me.

We also have this streaming video account with Joost. It’s free once you get an invite but the programming is so-so. They have baseball and hockey games for people who like that; sadly, we aren’t those people. Today we started watching a reality show filmed in the UK, 3 years old I think, about a group of people trying to become spies. Reality tv is always the same somehow. It’s not good, but it’s not terrible, or maybe it is but if you watch more than one episode you sometimes become attached. I’m pretty sure we’ll keep watching it for backup when we have nothing else.


Written by Kat

November 25, 2007 at 11:58 pm

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