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Book Review – New Moon

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New Moon
Stephenie Meyer

Book two of this series. I really liked this one too. Anyone who reads this, if they have read Twilight, will have have a hunch(and then some) that the MIA character is coming back. So the middle of the book is just how we get there. Meyer does some things really well. There are little things that if I wanted to be picky I could get into, but these things lend themselves to the age of the characters in the novel. I think the level of everyday mixed with supernatural is nice. And the second half of the novel turned out really great. I like how she waited for some of the knowledge to come out at a natural time, and the actual content of the second half of the book. The interactions with the Cullen family is right on, in my opinion. Making a family of vampires seem happy, moody, glamorous, and believable, all without dwelling on them, was nicely accomplished. And of course who cannot be intrigued with Edward.

I think if a movie is made it will be hard on my imagination. Anyone else have that problem? You don’t want your mentally drawn characters, their mannerisms, their facial expressions ruined, even if the actors do a tremendous job?? I remember something a drama teacher once said, talking to another teacher, our school was doing a reproduction of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown at the time. She said “oh, we’d never do a Disney or a Pixar script” – that making students compete with the how artists could render scenes and expressions would not be comparable. Anyway, now I need to find a copy of Eclipse and also maybe try to find those Charlie Brown Christmas mp3s..


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November 27, 2007 at 8:17 pm

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