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Sunday morning rambling

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A picture taken in Quebec a few years ago. Winter can be so beautiful.

I did my hair this morning, even though I had no where to be. The blond is okay. Anyway, it is brighter, I kinda like it. My favorite will always be red, but blond has a nice hollywood feeling. Red with blond seems beyond the salon stylists here (and beyond my budget right now too!). Here’s an older picture of the red and blond how I like it.

I’m going to switch to a Christmas stylesheet, a couple of weeks of red and green, or snowflakes, sounds nice, especially since we have no decorations in our apartment here.

I’m about done with the whole shopping thing, it wasn’t so bad really. Just a few things left to decide. I think the worst part is the pressure we put on ourselves to find a perfect gift. Or in some cases, you wait too long, and you are just trying to find any form of a suitable gift. I’ve been in both places. Ideally, I try to give a feeling of being a kid on Christmas to the people in my life – a surprise or something they really would want. It’s about finding something you know will give them a little thrill. A guy from work laughed at my face when I tried to explain this one to him at lunch. He doesn’t think this is really possible I guess. He is from Montreal too, and is buying bottles of gluehwein and boot glasses to go along as a mass group gift to his family. A different approach but it sounds nice to me. My families aren’t much for drinking, either side, which is funny since my grandmother spent her life owning a bar (probably a good thing!) So this idea would flop for me, but it sounds cozy and nice, these little boot-shaped glasses are fun.

The holidays are celebrated a little different here. Germany is one of the original advent celebrators, with the markets and the chocolate calendars used to countdown to Christmas. Here, Dec. 6 is St. Nicholas delivery day, he leaves fruit and chocolates in the shoes (stockings) of good little girls and boys. Usually it is left on the doorstep (no reindeer or chimney requirements involved). Then Christmas eve and day are more religious, but gifts are still exchanged then.


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December 9, 2007 at 10:01 am

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