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Book Review – Every Which Way but Dead

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Every Which Way but Dead
Kim Harrison

This is the third ‘Rachel Morgan’ book of the now five part series (with more on the way) is again following the adventures of Rachel Morgan of Vampiric Charms L.L.C. She’s a witch for hire with two partners, a happy fatherly fairy named Jenks, and a generally unhappy angst-filled, super sexy vampire named Ivy. Add along a human ex-boyfriend and another perfect blonde vampire admirer, a bunch of magic, coffee, cookies, wine, and truckload of bumps and bruises mixed with a little mobster type city-ruling political plot.

It makes for entertaining light reading and definitely resonates with the female audience, that’s for sure. My mother and sisters have been reading these, and I received this and book 4 and 5 for Christmas. I read this one all vacation, picking up 5 pages here and there – there was too much family around to sit with my head in a book. I like how the author started this series with Morgan seemingly awkward, unsure, and making bad decisions. The character has grown, in assurance and ability – she’s still making bad decisions but they keep her alive and it makes for a good story.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason this book reminds me of a Clive Cussler/Jame Bond type of book, but for women who like fantasy. Rachel seems to be desired by everyone but have a hard job to get done, and even though she makes choices none of us would, she makes it out alive, and the stronger for it. I personally don’t care which boy or girl she ends up with, which is strange since a big part of the book is the mini love triangles, frankly, it’s just a fun ride to read.


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January 11, 2008 at 8:21 pm

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  1. I love these books and have the latest one on pre-order for when it comes out at the end of next month!


    January 11, 2008 at 9:56 pm

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