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this weekend. It’s a German thing. It’s an almost week long series of parties. Think Halloween morphed with Mardi gras – multiple parades, extravagant costumes, chocolate not beads are thrown to the crowd. And since it’s Germany, I’m sure there will be lots of beer.

Anyway, it means that I get Monday off from work. That and I need a costume.

In theory, I love costume events. I really do. I love the idea of a costume party, you know, the kind they put in books and movies, in a beautiful house with French doors going to a moonlit garden. My grandmother used to have quite the arsenal of make-yourself-up-gear. Once a year at Halloween, she would go into her garage and open the closet there for us. It was dusty, but full of costumes. And wow – there were the more typical black dresses with ragged edges and capes with the accompanying bent wire witches hats, there were Hawaiian grass shirts and long black wigs (that I had seen on my uncle in pictures), and a mermaid dress with plastic shiny aqua scales, and gogo dresses and short curly blonde wigs, ponchos and western shirts. Big plastic elastic jewelry and old make up that should have been thrown away. We’d usually end up using just a piece here or there, but was glamorous, looking at all, imagining whoever wearing it was being someone else for a little while.

Sigh – so back to reality. We need costumes for this parade thing we’re doing on Sunday. My main concern, besides the fact that I have no theme in mind, is that it is really really cold! Maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow and find a full body faux fur rabbit costume.


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February 1, 2008 at 11:01 pm

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