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Wow, it’s beautiful

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outside today. Clear sky blue sunshiny day. Still pretty cold here though. I went to the biggest “department type” store in this small town – conveniently located about 40 steps from my front door. To make it a little clearer:

The store has actually a decent selection of clothing and a couple brands I recognize. The sizing is the typical European collage of sizings numbers, I know my numbers in a couple scales, and otherwise I just try on what looks like it might fit. I found one shirt I liked for 16. They had a big sales going on winter attire but who knows what look I’ll be going for next Fall – as if I really have a look (sometimes I like to pretend).

So yeah, good thing I don’t consider shopping a sport, or therapy, or that a shirt worn twice is ready to be replaced, etc etc..

I’m hoping Dan will show up on Google talk in the next few minutes, the schedules we kept last week were about as opposite as they could get. He’s in the Eastern time zone, so -6 hours from here, and he was working shifts from 6 pm to 2 or 4 a.m. so I would be going to bed as he was getting to work, and he would be going to bed as I was going to work. Egh. One more week and he will hopefully be home – sorry to sound mushy but I miss him so!!

Tonight I’m going to Aachen, to visit a couple friends from work and their families. The host, a guy I work with, said there would be six of us, and we’d play some games. I didn’t inquire what games was exactly, I guess we’ll see.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Written by Kat

February 16, 2008 at 1:59 pm

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