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Hamstrings, what are they good for?

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All I know is that when I walk, it almost feels like my heels aren’t going to catch the ground.

I did some deadlifts on Monday, and some lying leg curls, and today I can’t walk properly.  That’s probably a good thing.  I need to do some stretching tonight.

I found an interesting bit of information about hamstrings according to exrx.net:

Hamstring inflexibility is common in modern society. This may be explained by the principles of detraining (aka “use it or lose it”). Except in some cultures, we rarely keep the hamstring limber by sitting on the ground, bending over regularly, etc. as our ancestors had. It is only relatively recently, as far as evolutionary time is concerned, we stopped performing manual labor and began regularly sitting in chairs for prolonged periods of time.

I do find myself sitting on the floor here and there, but hmm… Yeah, it’s been a while since I hunted and gathered in the forest.

One other thing, I read in my favorite work-out book, that when doing Lying Leg curls, there are two variations. Pointing your toes during the motion will emphasis the hamstring, while bending your ankle will put some emphasis on the calf.  Try it out, you will feel a big difference (or at least I did!)


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April 29, 2008 at 7:26 pm

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