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First day of vacation

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Aww… it is a nice feeling – that first day of a some time off.  Open and full of opportunity.

Yesterday was hairy.  D came back from a mini business trip where he worked like he usually does (ALOT).  So he was tired and catching some type of food or virus ickiness, meanwhile he had basically had one day back at work to finish all the loose ends at the office here.  And I was trying to finish my loose ends for the time I’m gone while not being worried that he would be too sick today to get on the airplane.  Not the best day.  We left work at 4ish and D slept for pretty much the rest of the day.  This morning he seems ok. Thankfully!

I thought about eating the last two eggs in the refrigerator this morning before we leave, but utimately went with oatmeal.  I love vacation but I really hate eating out all the time.  After about 4 days I start to feel like one of those ducks they stuff to make fois gras.  I will try to eat light where I can, but it’s hard, especially when I know there will be dishes I’ve never heard of before.  That’s the fun part!

I think we’re going to be walking alot so that should help.  No computer while we’re gone so I’m thinking I’ll bring a notepad. Not sure I will need to write but just in case. Will definitely be working out the camera the next two weeks.

So, as I probably won’t write here until we’re back, I hope everyone has a good couple of weeks!


Written by Kat

May 10, 2008 at 6:29 am

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