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Okay, so my “after work” activities might suggest that I’ve fallen from the health kick I started a couple of months ago.

By activities, I mean I’ve been baking more than usual.  Two co-worker friends from Montreal came into town, seemlingly for their birthdays, (not really, they came here to work) but I’ve been making CUPCAKES – for two weeks now.  What can you say – sometimes people need their birthday cake!

Plus I made some muffins for D last weekend (when he goes away on business trips I like to make sure he brings something healthy for the road).  So ummm yeah, getting lots of input/output from the oven!

It also gave me the opportunity to work on perfecting my vanilla cupcake recipe.  The last batch I made – basic vanilla cupcakes with lemon zest filled with raspberry jam, cream cheese frosting and a fresh raspberry on top was easy and beautiful.

My 2 week baking binge concluded today (I promise!) with some really great, if I do say so myself, AND healthy buckwheat muffins.  I love buckwheat for some reason.  It’s earthy and yummy at the same time.

Did I learn anything worth sharing from all this baking? Yes, maybe a few things:

  • Try to avoid weeknight baking starting at 10 p.m. (like I tend to do).  I ended up finishing around midnight waiting for the cupcakes to cool before icing them  Oh la la, life is so harsh. 😉
  • First ever experience with piping icing. It’s actually easy (I approached with some trepidation) – use a large opened tip for cupcake frosting unless you are trying to draw or create small details.
  • I found a blog called Joy the Baker; I enjoyed her 101 advice on cream cheese frosting.

D and I watched Stranger than Fiction last night, which incidentally had a baker in the story.  It was good, though hard to describe without giving away plot but it’s definitely an atypical Will Ferrell movie, not that I don’t like typical Will Ferrell movies!  We just watched Semi-Pro (Will Ferrell goes NBA) recently too, and laughed alot.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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June 29, 2008 at 12:15 pm

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Not much time

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tonight, for blogging or anything else, but here’s a couple of photos, just for fun.

Presents from ma mere I got in the mail last week:

Thanks Mom!

And something completely different, a picture my boyfriend took in Paris a couple of weeks ago (don’t you love this color??):

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June 25, 2008 at 10:50 pm

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Surreal Friday

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Washing hands and pondering what feels like crazy things:

  • “I look good from this angle today, but not so much from that one…”
  • “If I wrote a novel, would the main character be like me or be someone cooler?”
  • “What is cool anyway? Someone who learned to dress better than me or someone who gets drunk more often?”
  • “I think it’s about time to call it a day…”

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June 20, 2008 at 6:01 pm

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Sunday morning randomness

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Random thoughts:

  • Had a good talk with my sister last night, amazing how different we are but how easy we can talk about anything.  Having siblings is really a gift you don’t fully understand as a child.
  • An interesting post on Simply Recipes about how to tell the doneness of meat using the squishiness of your palm as a guide.  I will have to try this out myself.
  • I love Beth Rowley’s hair on her Little Dreamer album.  I don’t know her music but she looks great.

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June 8, 2008 at 8:48 am

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Impressions – Berlin

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So I said I would talk about each of the places we visited on my trip, so let’s have at it. 🙂

As anyone who reads regularly knows, my (awesome) boyfriend and I are both living and working in Germany for two years.  But we live about 10 minutes from Aachen, which also happens to be Germany’s western-most city.  It is literally 20 minutes away from The Netherlands and Belgium.  We hadn’t been to Berlin yet.  And as this trip was ALL Eastern European countries so it was quite a fantastic way to venture East!

I would say of all the places we visited on our trip, D and I both agree we loved Berlin the most – which is saying a lot since there were so many beautiful places we saw.  There are probably a couple of reasons for this – perfect weather, awesome tour guide for the city, amazing city with beaucoup de history, and also great company.

Speaking of company, we took this trip with D’s sister and her husband.  We got to meet up with a friend/schoolmate of D’s brother-in-law who just returned to Germany not too long ago from studying in the USA for his PhD.   He took us to a couple of different cool place swhere the locals hang out.  It seems the summer trend in Berlin right now is to have a “beach bar” in the middle of the city far from any natural beaches.  Yeah, they bring in sand and put out palm trees, tiki-hut style torches, etc…  Being originally from Florida I found this to be, well not so much out of the ordinary, but fun – D’s sister wasn’t too thrilled with the sand because of our shoes (yes, we should have worn our sandals!)  So we went to a couple of these, the one I remember is called Oststrand or Strandbar Mitte.

Okay, so on to more touristic pursuits – Berlin has some amazing recent history.

Most everyone has heard of the Berlin wall, a result of the end of World War II where the French, the British, the Soviets and the US divided the city of Berlin, which was located within the Eastern part of the then newly divided country.  The wall fell during the “Peaceful Revolution” in late 1989, and from what my German friend Ralf says, “Berlin now is very different from the Berlin then.”  There is so much to talk about on this topic, and I learned some great new things on the trip.

Here is a portion of the wall that was preserved:

In another part of town, which we visited the morning we left Berlin, is a bigger portion of the old wall which is now called the East Side Gallery – which has approximately 106 paintings by artists from all over the world, painted on the east side of the Berlin Wall, serving as a memorial to freedom:

Some other cool things we saw:

Berlin Cathedral:

Humboldt University, big famous place, 29 Nobel Prize winners are associated with the university and Albert Einstein was a professor here.

Humboldt University is also known because of the infamous Nazis book burning in 1933, where 20,000 books were burned.  Books by such authors as Freud, Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jack London, and H.G. Wells.  If you remember, this was briefly depicted in the second Indiana Jones movie when Indiana was in Berlin.

A monument to this can now be found in the center of the square, a glass window looks down at an underground room with empty shelf space for 20,000 volumes.

This plaque quotes Heinrich Heine:

Which translates to:

Where they burn books, they ultimately burn people

Another big attraction in Berlin is the Brandenburg gate.  From what I learned, this gate has historically been a symbol of victory for the people of Prussia, and was modeled after the ceremonial entrance to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. It reminds me of the Arc de Triomphe in some ways as it was the way people entered the city of Berlin during those times.

At the end of our big touring day in Berlin, we had some free time so we decided we’d go up in the huge television tower we saw at the beginning of our city tour (and it can be seen in most of the city, it’s very tall!) The Fernsehturm (TV tower) was built by the communist government in East Germany between 1965 and 1969 and was supposed to be an icon of Berlin and of the GDR.  There was an interesting story to go with the tower about the “disco ball” sphere.  It’s not super easy to see from this photo – but when the sun shines on the sphere, the light forms a cross.  This is amusing because the Communist government (GDR) had funded this building and was trying supress all church institutions – in Eastern Germany “scientific atheism” the official state doctrine.  When Berliners first saw this cross made of light, they immediately named it Rache des Papstes, or “Pope’s Revenge”.  Quite funny.

Once we were inside, we took an elevator that brought us to the sphere section of the building in a total of 40 seconds (zoom!).

There were some nice views of the city:

Here is a photo of the ruins of an old church:

We all ate dinner that night at a great little Asian place.  It was small and warm inside, but trendy/very busy.  The food was quite tasty:

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June 7, 2008 at 9:12 pm

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Blog neglect and the occasional culture shock

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Well, I’ve been woahfully neglectful in posting the last two weeks.  Any else need a week+ to get back into the groove after vacation?  I’m sure playing catch-up is part of it, but anyway, I’m posting now.  🙂

So, I could devote this blog as “the adventure of a two North Americans in Germany” thing – I have a lot of stories there and I could hunt for a ton more I’m sure, but I honestly don’t have it in me.  Sure Germany is different and many of things here aren’t-like-they-do-it-where-i’m-from, but honestly, it’s not that different.  (But yes, I do appreciate and like reading other travel/expat blogs!!)

So anyway, once in a while I see something that I find funny – it happened tonight while I was doing cardio at the gym.  At my gym, they have 3 televisions always playing something – usually a German Millionaire, one news, and usually one MTV or the equivalent type show.  (Last night it was an old episode of America’s Next top model – the one where the skinny blonde girl that is crying because she cheated on her boyfriend), so anyway, I never listen in, they are all in German, but I happened to glance at the news TV and I saw a picture that looked like this:

Now I might be the only person who finds this amusing, but I cannot remember ever seeing a map like this on the news (for the US).   It IS fairly representative I suppose – that big green cut-out with two labels.  I think they were talking about the Democratic primary – kinda hard to tell. heh.

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June 3, 2008 at 9:55 pm

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