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Blog neglect and the occasional culture shock

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Well, I’ve been woahfully neglectful in posting the last two weeks.  Any else need a week+ to get back into the groove after vacation?  I’m sure playing catch-up is part of it, but anyway, I’m posting now.  🙂

So, I could devote this blog as “the adventure of a two North Americans in Germany” thing – I have a lot of stories there and I could hunt for a ton more I’m sure, but I honestly don’t have it in me.  Sure Germany is different and many of things here aren’t-like-they-do-it-where-i’m-from, but honestly, it’s not that different.  (But yes, I do appreciate and like reading other travel/expat blogs!!)

So anyway, once in a while I see something that I find funny – it happened tonight while I was doing cardio at the gym.  At my gym, they have 3 televisions always playing something – usually a German Millionaire, one news, and usually one MTV or the equivalent type show.  (Last night it was an old episode of America’s Next top model – the one where the skinny blonde girl that is crying because she cheated on her boyfriend), so anyway, I never listen in, they are all in German, but I happened to glance at the news TV and I saw a picture that looked like this:

Now I might be the only person who finds this amusing, but I cannot remember ever seeing a map like this on the news (for the US).   It IS fairly representative I suppose – that big green cut-out with two labels.  I think they were talking about the Democratic primary – kinda hard to tell. heh.


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June 3, 2008 at 9:55 pm

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