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La Vache Orange!

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Or, in Anglaise, The Orange Cow.

New purchases!  Two audio books for dès 3 ans (for the wittle tiny kids or the clueless like myself):

La Vache Orange:

Les Lettres de Biscotte Mulotte:

I should post sometime the long journey that could be called my French education.  Actually, if it was longer maybe I’d be proficient by now.  Maybe. hehe.

I really really really wish the United States of America cared a teensy bit more about foreign language education.

Also of note – this my first Amazon.fr purchase.  So now Amazon.com, .ca, .co.uk, and .fr have gladly accepted my $$.   And I do believe I have shopping lists on all four – Brilliant!?

It’s actually a idle hobby of mine to compare the top selling books across these, and other online book retailers.  (it’s a sad hobby, I know).  I find the changes of names and book covers to be slightly bizarre (I’m sure there are marketing research papers done on this very topic).

So enough of the ramble posting – I’m off to check out mes nouveaux livres!



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July 17, 2008 at 10:16 pm

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