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Sushi in Aachen

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So I don’t usually review restaurants, but I am hoping to help out future sushi lovers who are looking for a place to eat in Aachen, Germany. Finding reviews for restaurants in this area (in English) is tough!

Pontstrasse 83, Aachen, Germany
(0241) 9008360

Food: Good, fresh sushi.   Nice mix of standard favorites and specialty choices.  D ordered a platter, I think it was called The Premium, and I ordered two maki – The Best Friends Roll and Crunchy Salmon, and we shared.  It was a fairly big menu, including a few choices for the non-sushi fans.  On the inside of the first page of the menu is a top 10 sushi list (by popularity?), good concept for the indecisive moment or for those who can’t read much German(!).

Price: Very reasonable.  Not exactly cheap but definitely not expensive.  Dinner for the two of us, with drinks, two soups, and sushi was under 40 Euro.

Ambiance: I wouldn’t say the restaurant is sleek, but it definitely had that trendy vibe.  Trendy casual though. It was busy when we got there, around 8:30~9 p.m.  I think someone made a reservation for our group (since we were around 12) but they had no problem accomodating us and the sushi came out punctually (not too fast or slow).

Oishii is also conveniently located on Pontstrasse, which is in the university area of town. This is where most people in Aachen go for drinks and clubs so it’s a perfect starting location if you are planning a full night out.


Written by Kat

July 30, 2008 at 8:12 am

Posted in Food

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