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Olympics on the net

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Is anyone else trying to get a live glimpse of the Olympics via your computer?

I had wanted to watch the opening ceremonies yesterday but it didn’t work out; living -6 hrs from Bejing means I was at work.   There are however, some games this weekend that I going to try to see.

If you live in the U.S. and want to watch live events, the best place to go seems to be NBCOylmpics.com.  NBC plans to stream 2,200 hours of live competition in 25 sports from Aug. 8 to Aug 24.   The technology is the joint effort of NBC, Microsoft and Digital Rapids.  Microsoft’s player, Silverlight, is designed especially for streaming video.

In Canada, more than 1,500 hours of streaming video will be available from CBCSports.ca and CBC.ca. Radio-Canada and RDS will present more than 450 hours of French coverage.

There is of course the question as to whether streaming video, without too many burps and pauses, is possible, or if it will melt the internet.

As for us here in Germany, I’m trying to navigate through German sports pages for live streams.  So far I’ve found http://peking.ard.de/ which seems that it should work but I haven’t seen it work yet.  Maybe they are only streaming certain events (that’s what I’m guessing).


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August 9, 2008 at 5:14 pm

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