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I’ll never forget the moment I heard this coming from one of the more experienced engineers, during my first month at work.  “Things are dynamic right now,” not “Everything’s in the crapper and we’re all going die.”

D and I are in the midst of two projects that “are dynamic right now.”  D is away working on Project A’s site, which is about 4 hours north from Project B’s site, where I am.   It’s okay though, he’ll be back on Wednesday hopefully. All the work sort of makes time for other things more tight, but hopefully I can finish this post sometime this week.

Monday was my sister’s birthday, the big 2-0.

I also believe  it’s this week that D’s and my friend, Francois, starts his MBA at London Business School.  I’m quite curious to see how this works out for him; hopefully it’s great. But I might do an MBA myself in the next couple years.  But probably at a school closer to where ever we move to next.  Here’s a picture of all of us at his going away dinner/drink night.  I’m disappointed the waitress cut off D, but half of him is in the picture (better than none). Francois is the guy waving:

D and I went out over the weekend to the Netherlands (30 minute drive from here).  I’m not sure what is up with Europe and the Argentinian steak houses.  That isn’t big where we are from but we find them often here.  D ordered salmon and I had a vegetarian dish, which fittingly reminds me of the first dinner date we had together in Tampa – we both had seafood at Flemmings Steak House.  <– nice place.

We also watched The Dark Knight at the theater there since they do movies in English in the Netherlands (how convenient!)  I liked it.  I know you aren’t supposed to think these things about these types of movies, but I can tell you – if I lived in Gotham City, I’d think about relocating.


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August 28, 2008 at 8:32 am

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