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So far our vacation

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has involved doing errands. In the general domain of:

  • laundry
  • shopping
  • napping

Napping taking a bigger portion than the others. We have also hit the gym a couple of times and got the repair guy to look at our kitchen sink.  We haven’t had hot water downstairs (in the kitchen) and it’s pretty freaking annoying.   The water heater here is one of those heat-on-demand systems using electricity and as my first experience with living with one, I would not give it rave reviews.  Anyway, the repair guy told us we need to use high concentration vinegar on parts of the kitchen faucet; it goes by the name Essig Essenz in German stores. Fun.

The real vacation starts tomorrow when we meet D’s parents in Brussels.  Then we drive to Amsterdam and most likely start with a low key day since they will probably have jet lag. The long weekend has been nice.  Usually we have no spare time and are doing last minute laundry and packing the night before.   Yeah, we’re still doing last minute packing today but it’s planned.  I need to go upstairs and work on this very soon.

The itinerary is 3 days Amsterdam, 3 days Brussels (maybe we go outside Brussels since everyone has told me one day is enough), and 4 days in Paris.  D and I haven’t been to Amsterdam yet or to Brussels, so lots of new ground to cover!

D’s birthday is Friday(!!) so hopefully we find a cool place to have dinner. 😀  I’m honestly not sure what we will end up doing in each city as I wasn’t really in on the planning, but I don’t think we’ll be going at break-neck speed and we probably won’t go to every museum as D’s father isn’t a Museum fan.  I’m fine with this but there are some awesome museums in Amsterdam I want to check out eventually.  The Rijksmuseum museum is doing renovations currently but it’s partially open.  Coming Nov. 1st, the museum is going to have the Hirst diamond skull, which looks pretty amazing.

Maybe I’ll have time for another post but if not, I hope everyone has a good 1+ week.  See you all when I get back (and I should be armed with more photos and all that).


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September 2, 2008 at 6:35 pm

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