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Saturday night

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Back from vacation a week now.  I have written a couple of posts that never made it to be published.  I’m not sure why except that we’ve been working weird hours this week.  And I seem to have low motivation to be on the PC after work.

Today was a sleep-in (yes!) and shopping day.  D and I went to Aachen, which feels like a big trip but is only 15 away by train.   We bought sneakers, because mine are old and his had a hole in the toe.  We ended up getting matching his and her sneakers (wow I know).  But they are pretty comfy and good for running, which is to be our new focus at our upcoming gym sessions.  We ordered this book, Chi Running, by way of D’s friend’s recommendation. It’s supposed to be good for learning how to run without injuries.  I never read anything on the proper techniques in running so it should be enlightening.

We just walked back from dinner at the Greek restaurant that is close to home.  They have lamb filet there that is delicious, and it didn’t disappoint tonight.  There is also a festival going on in town so we got to see merry-go-rounds, beer stands, and Germans singing how “I wonder if you know? How it really feels, to be left outside alone, to be left outside alone.”  Entertaining stuff.

I have pictures to sort and laundry to do… but as it’s late I’ll probably just try to talk my boyfriend into watching some tv and then going to bed.

Bonne nuit.


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September 20, 2008 at 10:39 pm

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