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House, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes.  In our house we watch all of these, at least for now, and a couple more since we can record and watch them while we eat or on the weekends, etc, you get the idea.  We watch Dexter too, but we watch those all at once (no HBO here).


I’m really surprised how much I like Heroes so far this season. I mean, it’s actually got me excited again,  which I didn’t think was possible after a just so-so second season. I like Claire and her father, I like Dr. Suresh,  and the Niki/Jessica/Barbara character too.  Of course it’s so all over the place that I’m not sure what insanity will happen next, remind you at all of Lost?

Random comments/questions @Heroes:

  • Some of the special effects aren’t so special. Is it just me or are the flying scenes just bad??
  • Is every season going to have the same plot? Really?
  • I hope they keep Micah (the computer kid) in the story, I like him.
  • Did the Heroes casting company put a graphic artist on retainer? Suspicious how many people “paint the future” exactly the same way isn’t it?
  • Shooting blue fire as a talent; I think you have to like D&D to think that is a cool super power.

All the nitpicking aside, Heroes is looking good so far.


I like House this season also. I always like House so this isn’t a big surprise. The private investigator guy fits pretty well with the story right now. I think this show’s writers and producers really took a big risk when they removed the original team (I was upset for a whole season about this) but adding the new people  has worked into a very believable situation. *If* you can buy into the fact that a doctor could be so good that he can get away with the stunts House pulls.

Grey’s Anatomy

On to Grey’s Anatomy.  Watching this show can be extremely trying. I’m not sure why we are still watching it except to sigh and shake our heads.  I’m beginnig to think the writer’s want people to boo the actress out of town. Really, I can’t sympathize with the main character in the slightest way. The last show, where Christina gets impaled by an icicle (are you kidding me?) was one of the worst episodes I’ve seen.  All the characters I liked have either been fired or morphed into irritating school children. Only this show could turn a budding lesbian relationship into something so non-seductive. Ay Carumba. During the double episode premiere they brought in the Rome guy, Kevin McKidd:

I was reminded last week when I posted about Vienna that I saw a statue that reminded me of him. What do you think?
Does this statue from the Hofburg Palace resemble Lucius Vorenus?

I’m not sure if he’s just a guest or there for the season but this show could use all the help it can get.  tee hee.

Prison Break

Lastly, Prison Break.  I’ve got mixed feelings about this one.  I like the characters, I don’t mind the premise, but as usual there are alot of holes in the plot.  Still, I’m happy they brought Sarah back, and the Mahone character is much more likeable this season.  Teabag, as always, is hilarious and frightening at the same time.


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October 10, 2008 at 11:15 pm

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