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Movie Review – Assassination of Jesse James

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by the Coward Robert Ford.  Long movie name.  Long movie too, 2.5 hrs long.

The Good:

Excellent acting, excellent cinematography, excellent sound track.

The Bad:

Too many names, and surprisingly, for a movie this slow-paced, I had no idea what was going on during the first half of the movie – and I’m usually good at this kind of thing.  My dearest boyfriend said something funny/fitting as we were watching it, “understanding is overrated.” So we just continued watching it.


There were bad guys.  And bad guys killing bad guys. It was a very bleak film.  One friend commented, when I described it, that it sounded like There will be Blood. I haven’t seen that one, but maybe it’s in the same vein.  Parts of it were extremely awkward, as intended, and I thought the guy playing Robert Ford did a super job.  I just found out this is Ben Affleck’s brother.  I guess I’m out of the loop on that one. Anyway, he was excellent in the part. Brad Pitt plays Jesse, and he did a good job there too, of course.  And by the time it was (finally) over, I did learn a fair amount about the infamous Jesse James. Boyfriend looked him up after the movie and confirmed the film stayed close to the facts.

I can’t decide if it was a yay or nah for me.  Lots of everyone loved it so if you think you might like it, go ahead and check it out.


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October 20, 2008 at 9:01 pm

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