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Hello Wednesday night

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Wow, only Wednesday. Zo… German for ‘so’…

Went to the gym after work yesterday, I saw on one of the tvs at the gym that Pink video -> this one.  Pink has some guns!

Tonight I worked til 7:30, took the bus home.  It was cold outside.  Summer is definitely over around here. On the weeks I take the bus, I read more.  Reading Club Dead by Charlaine Harris right now.  I don’t always remember the details of the previous books when I start a new one in this series, but they are light and funny. This is only the third book but it feels like I’ve known Sookie, the main character, forever.  They are set in Louisiana and the author goes heavy on the southern traditions. As a coincidence, it mentions Shreveport several times, then I read on google news today that Miss Teen Louisiana gets busted for a dine-n-dash and loses her crown near Shreveport.  Such a trashy gossip day, this Wednesday, sheesh.


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October 22, 2008 at 10:25 pm

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