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Coming in November

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When it comes to the calendar year, November is December’s supporting actor.  I was thinking it over though, and this year good some good stuff is coming:

Nov. 4th the US elections will come and go, hopefully with no ballot problems or further scandals.  Some people are saying this is the election of a lifetime.  For me, this election season has lasted a lifetime.

Nov 11th the World of WarcraftWrath of the Lich King expansion is released for those MMORPGers who haven’t switched to WarHammer.  I personally am not playing any games now, but I still keep up with the goings-on, like what vendor freebies are handed out at Halloween and Christmas.   The new release, for those not playing but are somehow kept in the loop by a friend or loved one, changes the max character level from 70 to 80, adds a new character class called Death Knight, and a new continent called Northend.  Funny how continents just keep popping up.  Changes for PvP are a new battleground, with siege vehicles and destructable buildings, and two new arenas.  And especially for the girls of Wow, the expansion updates are going to allow you to change your character’s hair style and color, skin tone, earrings and tatoos. Awesome!

Nov 18th Left 4 Dead another video game release, released for Xbox 360 and PC.  Created by Valve and based loosely on the movie 28 Days Later, think first-person, co-operative play, zombie-blasting type game play.

Nov 21st the Twilight movie release!  This movie is based on the first book of the wildly successful Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer. I’m excited about this, cheese or not.  Many boyfriends will be coerced into watching this one.


Written by Kat

November 2, 2008 at 9:04 pm

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  1. I could not agree with you more about the election. I am hoping for a quick decision tomorrow and not a close race either way. At this point I don’t think either of them are going to do what they say so it doesn’t matter to me. I just want it to be OVER!!!


    November 4, 2008 at 6:59 am

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