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A conversation about vampires

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My dear mother has introduced me to two vampire series and a third I blame on my youngest sister.

I don’t get to read, or maybe I should say I don’t allocate the time to read as much as I’d like, but I am slowly working my way through series I’ve inherited or been gifted.  There should really be a new genre for vampiric action novels with a female lead – there are definitely enough books out there.

The 3 I’ve been reading over the last year or so:

All these books are on my book shelf right now, and since I don’t really keep books, it seems very disproportionate to any other genre I’m reading currently.

Last week, as I was explaining part of book 3 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries:

Boyfriend: “So is this the one with the lesbian vampire?”

Me (trying to figure out what he means): “No, that’s the Rachel Morgan series.  The main character there is Rachel, but she is a witch.  She’s the one who roommates with a vampire that wants to jump her bones.”

Boyfriend: “Okay.  Is this the movie that we’re going to see this month?”

Me:  “No, that’s Twilight.  The Southern Vampire Mysteries is with Sookie, she’s from Louisiana, thus the southern part.  There is a show on HBO based on it though.”

Me:  “The main character in Twilight is a teenage girl in high school that has vampires that attend too. Rachel is like a private detective.  Sookie is the waitress that can read minds.”

Boyfriend: “So is this the one with the lesbian vampire?”

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November 8, 2008 at 10:37 pm

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