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Bogged down

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By work this week.  I’ve been working later than I usually work late, which means not so much going on except work.   It’s okay as long as every week isn’t like this.

I got back to the apartment about 30 minutes ago, I got a ride which was awesome because it’s cold outside today. Upon arrival I immediately went to the refrigerator.  I really like cold lasagna and I doubt I’m the only one.  I sliced it like meatloaf and put it in a flour tortilla.  So good!

While I was waiting on code, and/or bored today, I found what looks to be like a pretty game called A Vampyre Story that is being released later this month.  I’ll be honest, what drew me was the graphics.  Take a look:

Here’s the gist: It’s the retro point and click adventure game, like Monkey Island or like the Nancy Drew games if you played any of those.  The main character is Mona De Lafitte, a Parisian opera student who ends up trapped in a vampire’s castle.

Not sure how this one is going to turn out but I’m going to be on the look out for some reviews.  There is a demo available on gamepot too that I’ll check out, tomorrow maybe, too tired tonight.  There needs to be more engrossing PC games for people with less time.  I know that’s been said before but it’s true.  And graphics are great but it only gets you so far.  The game makers will get it eventually.

My bf and I have been playing StarCraft lately, the first one, and I’m getting a little bit better.  I played it for the first time about two weeks ago and I really stunk.  It wasn’t pretty at all.  I’m beginning to understand the order of operation by now, though at this point I’m only able to defend my camp against the computer.  I.e. no successful offense has been mounted so far by moi.  I think I’m waiting too long.  This game has a disturbing following, even now, and I’m sure I could read the best strategy but that’s alot less fun than experimenting.

In other vampire news, it looks like the Twilight movie reviews are already starting and I’m doing the LA-LA-LA-LA with fingers in my ears until I actually see it, but I’m sorta expecting the worst.  I actually like the look of the actors playing the parts but the previews were lame.   We shall see!

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November 20, 2008 at 1:49 am

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