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From Washintonpost.com:

Health insurers would agree to accept all customers, regardless of illness or disability, if Congress required all Americans to have coverage, two main industry trade associations said Wednesday.

If people aren’t mandated to have coverage, many would wait until they suffer health problems before they buy insurance, said America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, The New York Times reported.

[…] However, there’s one major difference between Obama’s position and that of the insurance industry, the Times reported. The industry wants the federal government to require all Americans to have and maintain insurance, while Obama wants the rule, at least initially, to apply only to children.

It’s about time talk of this gets a little more serious.  I have been disgusted with the US healthcare system ever since the day I learned, as a teenager, that a person who had an illness could possibly lose his/her insurance and never have it again, if the health problem was serious.  A small part of your world crumbles.

How could this ever be considered okay ?  I’m still boggled by the idea that a person’s illness could make them too expensive to bother treating. Even after they may have possibly paid, for years, into the “insurance game.”  Yes, we need to take care of ourselves and our family.  The question is, should it be the government’s job to assure more people are taken care of, regardless of their financial situation?


I remember a time when I was at university and I got very ill.  It was a scary time.  I was living away from home, taking a full load of classes, and working close to 30 hrs a week.  Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t convince my parents to let me stay on their insurance longer, but I was very healthy and hardly ever sick.  The small company I worked for then did not provide health coverage, and I wouldn’t have qualified anyway.  A year or two after, the company did start offering health insurance, but only to employees that worked 40 or more hours per week.  So yes, for a period of about 2 years, while I was in school, I did not have any medical benefits.

During this time I got what I thought was a bad cold, that got progressively worse until I stood up at work a few days later, and almost fell over. I felt a sharp pain in my back and along with the headache and everything else I decided to go home.

It turned out, a day later when I was vomiting and feeling worse still, and finally went to a clinic, that I had a kidney infection.  I received a big shot of antibiotics in the butt and was told that if I couldn’t keep the prescribed antibiotics down I was going to have to be hospitalized.  I spent that night forcing myself not to puke my guts out, and spent the entire next week as sick as I’ve ever been along with a terribly high fever.  I was very lucky it didn’t turn out another way.  I know that if I had had health insurance I wouldn’t have waited nearly so long to go to the doctor.

It makes me terribly upset and sad that people right now, in a country that has done so many great things, cannot receive proper medical attention and care.

Let’s hope real changes are really coming.

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November 21, 2008 at 1:34 am

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