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Saturday night movie

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No, we didn’t see Twilight, turns out it doesn’t come out here until Dec 4, which is odd because we saw another movie that did just open, everywhere, this weekend, Body of Lies, the Leonardo DiCaprio/Russell Crowe offering by director Ridley Scott.

Leonardo plays CIA agent Ferris, who is “in the field” in Iraq and Jordan, trying to uncover a terrorist leader. He works with/for Hoffman played by Russell Crowe, who is mostly calling the shots, over the phone, from somewhere in the USA.  Lots of black cars, scenes with people speaking Arabic, of course guns-galore, and a fair amount of bloodshed.

I honestly don’t know what I think about the movie.  Strange?  To be fair, I think it’s a good movie for this kind of movie.  I didn’t get lost, in a fairly complex sequence of events, or get names confused.  The acting was good, I really liked both Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe in this one.  Leonardo, in the past few years, has grown on me.  Russell Crowe gained alot of weight, when I got home tonight I just had to check if this was on purpose for the role – he did.  Cheeseburgers for breakfast to get his fat middle-aged look he’s got going in this movie.

While just visiting the ever informative imdb.com to make sure I spelled DiCaprio correctly, and that Rusell has two ‘l’s’, I read that:

It’s ironic to think that the last time these two actors shared the screen was back in 1995, with the clichéd-but-entertaining The Quick and the Dead.

Wow, that’s true.  I liked The Quick and the Dead, even though it seemed to get replayed every weekend on USA or TNT for years.

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November 23, 2008 at 1:02 pm

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