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Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend.  Been catching up on recent TV on this side.  Here’s a quick, albeit random, commentary:


Amazing the crazy stuff going on this show.  The acting is great, and the storyline stays barely on the right side of believable but it does manage.  That they have pulled off a likable main character who does what he does, hah, that’s well done.  Should be interesting to see what goes down between Dexter and Miguel next.

Grey’s Anatomy

Continues to be the worst “medical show” I’ve watched.  Couldn’t they have done the same show, but in a real estate office instead?  Or maybe a law office?  At least then when they do all the wrong things we’d be less annoyed.  The Izzie and Deny thing?  Pretty far off the rocker isn’t it?  The thing is, I really liked Denie (yes, go ahead and call me girlie, but I did cry when he died).  But I’d rather believe some crazy story about him not really dying than this ghost/crazy thing, sigh.  Other than that, Sloan is showing a more likable side.


Still loving House, even during it’s less exciting episodes.  Last week’s episode with Foreman getting his own case to diagnose on the side was interesting.  The writer’s fun this season seems to be in throwing changes at House and seeing how he handles it.  Will he or won’t he decide to try dating Cuddy?  This show isn’t really about the medicine either, but it’s such a drastic contrast from Grey’s. You do get to hear an awful lot of disease names on this show – I’m a bit curious what real doctors think about the terms being thrown around.

Prison Break

This season started slow and then has gained momentum during the last weeks.  It’s been really good until the end of the last episode.  Nothing good can ever happen to these guys. Seriously, in four seasons there has been two “winning” moments on the show.  Each of these lasted about 5 minutes.  Gah.  It’s frustrating to watch them always in so much doo-doo.


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November 30, 2008 at 1:50 am

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    December 11, 2008 at 1:01 pm

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