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Tonight is St. Nicolas night

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Jules: Tonight is the St. Nicolas night
Jules: in Germany
Jules: you put out your boots and he gives you chocolate and what not
Verne: oh cool
Jules: he doesn’t come on Christmas
Jules: wth
Verne: of course not!
Verne: that’s why we have gluhwein in boots, right?
Jules: yes, probably
Verne: he’s busy with North America on Christmas
Verne: I’m not sure when he does Asia or Africa….
Jules: A angel type figure
Jules: called the Christkind
Jules: comes on Christmas Eve to bring presents
Jules: Though I guess this is sort of in decline because of advertising from North America
Jules: “The Christkind is a sprite-like child, usually depicted with blond hair and angelic wings.”
Jules: “Children never see the Christkind, as parents will always tell them that the Christkind just disappeared before they came.”
Jules: “Since the 1990s, the Christkind is facing increasing competition from the Weihnachtsmann in the American version of Santa Claus, caused by the ad industry which used Santa Claus as an advertising figure.”
Jules: what I can’t figure out
Jules: is if christkind is male or female
Verne: only since the 90’s?
Verne: really
Jules: What’s interesting is that the christkind was introduced
Verne: I thought santa claus was popular before that
Jules: in the 19th century
Jules: to try to get rid of the kris kingle stuff
Jules: “In German lore, the Christkind, or Christmas Angel leaves presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.

The Christkind was originally introduced in the 16th century by religious reformer Martin Luther; until then, it was always Saint Nicholas who brought gifts on December 6th. But as Protestants can’t have saints, Luther needed a new Christmas tradition for his followers. Luther wanted to move the gift-giving away from the Catholic holiday on December 6th, so he reinvented the tradition for Protestants by moving it to Christmas Eve and making the Christkind – really, the baby Jesus – the person who brought the gifts. ”

Verne: “Kris Kringle may refer to:
* an American (mis-)pronunciation of Christkindl or Christ kindel, the German Christmas gift-bringer”
Jules: ok
Jules: st. nicolas then
Jules: it’s all rather confusing
Verne: and pointless… as long as I get presents, baby
Verne: yeah!
Jules: here the christkind is a chick  http://www.cnn.com/2007/TRAVEL/getaways/12/21/christkind/index.html
Verne: but I don’t think it’s female
Verne: because ‘christkind’ means christ child
Jules: From that link: “How does a female Christkind fit in the Christmas story? Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther — the church reformer who hailed from these parts — wanted to shift the focus from St. Nicholas back to the Christ child. But as Germans had a hard time getting their mind around baby Jesus giving gifts, the Christmas gift-giver gradually morphed into a sweet girl who was still called the Christ child (or Christkind).”
Verne: lol
Verne: yeah, that makes no sense
Verne: germans…
Jules: i know
Jules: right
Verne: In italy, he’s still a boy
Verne: no transexual jesus, thank you
Jules: no wonder Santa is pulling ahead
Jules: he’s not calling himself an old jesus that let himself go
Verne: yeah
Verne: thank god for coca cola…
Jules: maybe the WWF could work that angle
Jules: endangered polar bears give christmas presents
Verne: right before they eat your young!
Verne: it’s a fair trade
Jules: hah, maybe only the bad kids get eaten
Jules: that could be the official story  …


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December 5, 2008 at 10:05 pm

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