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To the market we go

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D and I did the Christmas market in Aachen last Saturday.

Christmas markets in Germany are a big deal, many of the big cities host multiple markets,  this creates a Christmasy atmosphere for the entire month of December.  It’s a huge tourist attractor, with people from all parts of Europe visiting.   The Aachen Christmas market rates high, or so I’ve been told.  It’s location makes it attractive – at the center of Aachen, between the town hall and the old cathedral, is wide open which makes it perfect – both big enough and cozy at the same time.

I had already made a quick visit on the market opening night back in November but I wanted to see it again, and I wanted to see it with D.  We
made plans to meet up with our work friend Steffen and his wife Lina.

Coordinating with Steffen where to meet:

The holiday goods consist of: hand-made ornaments (as well as a hefty portion that probably
was made in the China), wood and metal sculptures, toys, nutcrackers, puzzles, hats and scarves, linens, candies, chocolate and printen…

Of course, the other big thing to do is eat & drink.  It’s best to come hungry.  That’s mostly what we did.  After a once around the market, in which D bought a pair of wood carved dice and Steffen and Lina found a wood xylophone for their son, we stopped at a gluhwien booth and procured 4 extremely hot mugs of steaming spiced wine.

Gluhwein = German hot spiced wine

I think there is an official specification for gluhwein, and probably thousands of secret recipes for the stuff, but it’s generally it’s red, sweet, spicy and hot.

After the wine we decided we needed to eat. Steffen ordered battered and fried cauliflower, Lina got a baked potato with sour cream and D and I both ordered sauted mushrooms:

After our ‘healthy food’ we bee-lined to dessert. Lina ordered a crepe with cinnamon and sugar, Steffen, a waffle with cherries and whipped cream, and D and I had ‘apfelpfannkuchen’, apple pancakes:

We went to a bar for a drink after.

Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße!


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December 18, 2008 at 7:29 am

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