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Christmas 2008 Part II

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After leaving sunny Florida we had a long stop in Detroit International.  We ate food at something that resembled a restaurant near our gate and were half forced, by proximity, to listen to a large family that were heading out for a ski trip.  “Powder man! Fresh!” Egh.

St-Ephreme de Beauce, Canada

Sunday 28th

D’s parents’ threw a party for the whole family.

We set it up in the conference room and attached kitchen at one of the offices.  This room got arranged and re-arranged 5 different ways before everyone, including the caterer, decided we’d all fit.  After the dinner and dessert came cards, the games being Hearts and SkipBo.  John and I were unbeatable at the SkipBo.  We got a ride later to D’s aunt and uncle’s to stay the night;  they own a milk farm in the same town, and had an extra bedroom for D and me.

Monday 29th

The winter wind whistled loudly around the farmhouse as we fell asleep but the next morning came with a real farm breakfast.  We had eggs, toast, coffee complete with fresh bacon and fresh milk – both from the farm!  We finished picking up the office before heading back to Quebec.

Quebéc, Canada

Tuesday 30th

We met up on Tuesday afternoon with some of D’s friends to play wallyball.      wall + volleyball = wallyball What keeps people from blast serves is that the ball cannot touch the back wall or it’s considered out of bounds.  Same thing for the ceiling.   I’m not very good.  D’s height did give him some advantage, especially in the spiking aspect of the game.

After the sports, we all met up for dinner at Jame and Cindy’s new apartment/duplex for dinner.  It was fondue!

After we ate dinner we got to see James on a French-Canadian game show called the Pyramid.  French-Canadian television is bizarre – there’s a whole post to be written on this topic but it was cool to see him compete.

Wednesday 31st

On New Year’s Eve we did our second gift giving session, this time with D’s family.

Later, D and I exchanged our own gifts.  Here’s one photo of our combined loot:  an iPod nano (with an armband for jogging), a mini Linux pc, a USB Hub in a gingerbread man form, and 250 gig harddrive for my laptop (I filled up my original HD very fast).

Thursday 1st

The whole family had dinner at Le Oiso, per tradition, on D’s mother’s side of the family.  After we went to his grandfather’s for more cards and visiting.

Saturday 3rd

We all attended the Cirque Eloize, here’s a youtube video link.  The physical control of the performers was awesome.  The storyline…  It was in French so I was really hoping when we got out that D could explain to me why there were men in tutus in a couple parts, and what the story was with the  sad, crippled guy, but alas, he was as perplexed as me.

Monday 5th

We walked around downtown Quebec City with Guillaume, Jean-Rene, and Isabelle.  It was super windy and frigid, but we mustered through.

Tuesday 6th

Dan woke up sick.  Sick with the sickness.  Flights were cancelled and rebooked, and we got another few days to hang out in Quebec.

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