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Ramble on through

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I don’t feel like digging through pictures tonight but since it’s been quite a while since I posted – here’s a mini update.

No longer an “it”

First and foremost – it’s a GIRL!  We finally found out – not at the 20 week but at the 24 week appointment. I had about lost hope of finding out early.  So we’re exited about our little girl with her perfect brain – both opinions of our doctor!  I’m sure she’ll be brilliant since her daddy is so smart.  Now we have to get more serious about picking out a name.


We now own a petit lit (French),  a cot (English UK),  a kinderbett (German), or a crib (English US).  We bought it at IKEA, like most of the rest of our apartment.  It’s simple, white, and wonderful because D and I picked it out and put it up together.  Europe seems much less concerned about frill and fluff for baby bedding – which is okay since so many studies say nothing should be in crib except for the baby, at least for the first few months.  Plus, going simple is saving us $$ (that I can spend on other baby gear!)

No more hiding

This belly I’m growing.  It helps that I’m not trying anymore either.  I don’t feel so much bigger except when I do hills or stairs, but everyone else notices now.  HR found out too and gave me a list of new restrictions for when and how long I can work.  Oh well.

I like Italian

Food and accents. The food part I already long knew but after working with alot of Italians lately I find their accent is nice.  Surprising I guess because I always used to associate the Italian accent to the macho New Yorker Italian which sounds completely different.

Switching places

Last week/weekend I kept finding D tucked into this book he is loving – so cute!  Whereas for me, who is usually in one book and has another in waiting, haven’t found one book on my shelf that I’ve felt like reading.  At the train station yesterday I picked up Pillars of the Earth, that fat book by Ken Follet that was so popular a while back.  We’ll see how it goes.  If it doesn’t work I’m thinking I will order something Gossip Girlish to take to the beach.

Speaking of the beach

D and I are probably going to visit family in FL and QC in June. Yippee. Will be nice to see Quebec not covered in snow too – it’s so beautiful there in the summer!!  Florida will be hot but hopefully sunny!

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May 26, 2009 at 9:05 pm

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