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To the pool

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This past weekend was sunny and beautiful.   For all the rain we usually get, this year has been a dream.  Saturday after lunch we decided that we needed to find a pool, outdoors.  So we threw a bag together and hopped on the train to Aachen.  We’d finally go check out the famous Carolus Thermen Bad (Baths).

We spent the afternoon relaxing and splashing in and out of the multiple pools.  The outdoors pools were slightly cooler, around 33 C (~90 F), and had the sun we were seeking, but I’d imagine this place is just as much fun in the winter too.  The water was mineral rich,  and there were two smaller cold and hot spas for alternating if you like that kind of thing.  D tried them but I refrained as hot water is a no-no during pregnancy.   The rest of the pools were perfect for my 8 months pregnant body, and felt great.


Written by Kat

August 17, 2009 at 8:39 am

Posted in family, fitness, Fun, germany

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