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A German wedding

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One of our friend’s here got married at the end of September.  I was doubting our attendance since we were having a baby the same month, but it worked out really well that D’s sister came to visit and we were able to take a couple of hours to participate.

The ceremony was held at a beautiful old church in town

with a view of the castle from the church’s courtyard.  Although not easy to see in this picture, the photographer is taking photos of the bride with the castle behind her.

Inside the church:

The ceremony was in an interesting mix of German, French and a little English.  Mostly German and French but the singer sung two songs and they were both in English.  Amazing Grace and  The Rose. It’s both strange and comforting to hear songs you know so well being sung with an accent in the middle of a German wedding.

We followed the program as best we could and even attempted to sing along to the German hymns.  As the couple took communion, they tore off a piece of bread from a big loaf of hearty German style wheat bread.  Then the loaf was passed around to everyone in the pews to also take a piece and eat.  That was a first for both of us, and germs aside, the gesture was sweet.

After the ceremony everyone met up outside to congratulate the couple, and to eat and drink a little something.

They had champagne and orange juice, and pretzels.

Big pretzels. Yum.


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November 6, 2009 at 5:14 pm

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