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Catching Fire

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At one point I was updating a book blog, but I’ve run out of energy and time for now so  my must-talk-about-this-book-or-implode posts can just go here.

I’m finally reading Catching Fire, though a bit ahead of schedule since I said wouldn’t buy the hardcover.  One of my sisters  did buy it, and even think to send it along with my mother,  so yay for me!

This is the second book in the new, but very popular, trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  While recommending this series to the Harry Potter, Twilight loving set, I’d also recommend it to most everyone.  To me it’s like a literary popcorn night, by which I mean it’s engrossing, exciting and takes you some place else for a bit.  Sometimes that is exactly what you are looking for a in a novel.

The Hunger Games, the first in the series, sets the stage: in a future where the US no longer exists, there is still one rich “district” and many more which are poor.  Two teens from each poor district are pseudo-randomly picked to play in a nationally televised reality TV show – a fight to the death until only one remains.  So maybe how you first imagined Survivor to be before you watched an episode.

I won’t go into any more details here but it’s been over a year since I raced through the first, and so far the second is just as fast-paced and addictive.   I bet there is already talk of making them into movies so go read these now!

The Hunger Games

Catching Fire

Mockingjay due to be released Aug. 24, 2010

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March 29, 2010 at 9:00 am

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Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore

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A bookstore in a church.  An 800 year old Dominican church.  I wanted to see it.

And it happens to be nearby in Maastricht, The Netherlands, which we drive to often because it has an English movie theater  and an Argentinian steak house.  For some reason I still hadn’t seen it even though we’ve walked very near it at least a few times.  D and his sister stumbled upon it last September and in January we found it again.  It’s only a block off the city plaza:

The building itself isn’t so very big, but it is tall, so the designers created space upward.  The nave of the old church now holds three levels of steel bookshelves and aisles, all without changing the original building structure.   Its conversion to a bookstore makes for an interesting mix of old and new:

There is a cafe and a children’s book section at the back.   I was happy to find a selection of English books.

I did a little reading and it turns out this building hasn’t served as a church for a long time.  For anyone who hasn’t seen so much of Europe – there are so many churches that it’s not so crazy that they aren’t all being used.  It was busy on the Saturday afternoon we visited so I’m guessing business is good.  If the building isn’t being used for its original purpose, a place filled with people and books isn’t such a bad fate.

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March 22, 2010 at 11:50 am

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Let this month be better than last month.

February started out fine but the last half was nothing but sick, sick, sick.  Turns out I’m quite whiny when sick, and my usual tactic for fighting off a cold –  sleep, sleep, then more sleep, is not really an option with a 5 month-old in the house.

Imagine that.

I’m fairly certain the bad sequence started out with the swim lessons.

Tip: Do NOT let your baby drink the water.

While we can’t be certain where A got her stomach infection, this happens quite often from pools and makes the most sense given the sequence of events.  And pool water often contains bacteria (from other babies, ones chlorine can’t kill) that can cause an infection in your child’s digestive track.

So the sequence went something like this:

  1. Swim class  (cause) *probable cause
  2. Baby diarrhea (effect)
  3. Scary diaper rash along with diarrhea (effect) *makes for a very long, worried weekend
  4. Doctor visit Monday morning (effect)
  5. Doc’s office jam-packed with booger-faced children coughing  on everything (cause)
  6. Kat gets a sore throat (effect)
  7. Then full-on cold symptoms (cause) *makes for a very long week
  8. Baby A starts coughing  (effect) *another long weekend
  9. Doctor visit Monday, then Thursday, and Friday (effect)
  10. 2.5 weeks of sick family members and lots of interrupted sleep (cause)
  11. D has a sore throat and headache (effect)
  12. And so on…  *hopefully it goes easier on D

Up until now, I was pretty happy we’d gone so long unscathed by cold and flu season. Muwahaha – it caught up with us.

A few things dawned on D and I as we survived the last few weeks:

  1. This is normal.  Being a parent means adjusting your idea of down time.
  2. “Babies get sick.”   Our pediatrician said those exact words to me when I asked her at what age I could take  the little one to different activities.
  3. What do parents who both work do?  We had a week of diaper rash and diarrhea.  Then a sick baby and 3 doctor appointments in one week.  There must be many sick babies at daycare.
  4. This too will pass.  Something to keep in mind when your little one is waking him/herself up every 2 hours with a cough.
  5. Trust your instincts.   After our Monday morning doctor visit we had a follow-up scheduled for Friday.  But after a bad Wednesday night we were worried that she was getting worse instead of better so we called in and came in a day early.  The doctor said it was definitely the right decision.

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March 2, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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