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We are actually moving

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I thought we’d stay in this apartment until we left Europe, and then we’d have this story to tell over and over about how we lived, and even had our first born, all in this tiny 55 sq. meter (~590 sq. feet) apartment in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Hah, we’ll keep that story to tell.  And to the kids, how we biked to work everyday, uphill both ways. Hehe.

Finding a new place took a l-o-n-g time.  Last month we finally found one that fit most of our (not so crazy) criteria, but I figured we wouldn’t get it, because we’ve been looking for forever with no luck… But then we got it.  And the property manager was even nice and seemed to like our internationality. Crazy.

There was still some hesitation on our side because we were waiting on some news from work.  In the end we took the risk and signed anyway, and what do you know, things at the office seem to be going the way we wanted. I’m stunned.

So I guess it’s really happening.  Of course now that I know we are moving I’m getting a little sentimental about leaving this place.  Not enough to want to stay cramped up in here any longer, but still.

And I just found out how old the building actually is.  We knew it was old, you can tell just by looking at it:

But also, once in a while we see a tour, led by a man or woman with a cloak and a lantern, one of those historical deals, and they always stop in our courtyard and talk (I’m assuming) about the history of this apartment complex.   It’s in German so we haven’t ever taken the tour, but this building is special or old or both.  Anyway, I just found out, that the big numbers we mistook for old apartment numbers, these:

are actually the date for the building: 1873, fancy that!

We’ve been mentally preparing to pack, but not packing yet because, honestly, we don’t have space to pile boxes. The new place isn’t overly large but it is roughly double what we have now. I see at least one trip to IKEA in the near future.

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August 26, 2010 at 10:50 am

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On baby watch

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Earlier this year I counted 9 of our friends/family who were pregnant.  Nine!!  And that was off the top of my head so I’m sure I probably missed a couple.

D’s sister is “up to bat” next – today she’s 5 days late, so it could happen at any time now.  I realized that we will be expecting news now for every month for the rest of year, awesome!

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August 24, 2010 at 10:59 am

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10 months

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She’s officially 11 months old today, so here’s my hurry up and post about it already for baby A’s 10th month.

It is amazing how much of personality can fit in such a small body.

Madame curieux

I can’t say I know that many babies, but she is by far the most curious of all her baby friends.  Her inquisitive nature makes feeding her almost impossible when something else is going on in the room.

She’s also turned into a little copy cat.  After her baths she gets lotion, and we rub our hands together, in a lather motion,  before applying it, which she loves, and just last week she is able to do it herself.  She gets her own tiny dab now.

Big milestones

But by far, the biggest news for baby A at 10 months is two part:

1.) She’s walking!

2.) She’s letting her parents sleep through the night – thank you, thank you, thank you.

She’s an early walker and it makes me both proud and a little sad – life is changing all the time, and I love her at this age.   She loves practicing walking around outside now, and purposefully turns away from me, her minder! – the nerve I must have to follow her around!

The sleeping through the night (most of the time) is rather fabulous.   I actually have the energy and motivation to be preemptive again, if I choose.  So sometimes the floors get cleaned before you know, you can see debris rolling in the breeze.

She also loves to climb the stairs when we forget to place back the security gate back right away – she’s training us pretty fast.

Also, just last week, she started to wave bye-bye and actually said “bye-bye” to papa.  It was seriously adorable.  It could just be my imagination, but she seems to be focused a bit more on other things now, like talking and hand motions, now that she has the walking thing mostly figured out.

We were at shoe store in Aachen a couple of weeks ago  for D, and along with some great finds for him (2x pair), they had some perfect little baby shoes there.  The sales woman said that babies should be able to run in bare feet before buying lauflernschuhe (learning shoes), which sounds a bit backwards to me, but okay, I’m not in a rush.  We checked her size anyway and she’s a EU size 19 but will probably be a 20 by the time she’s running.  For now I have her in some Tip Toey Joey’s, that are considered “prewalking” shoes – she has to wear something when she’s outside (and I think they are sweet):

Emphatic head shaking

D and I do this to her, when she’s acting silly so I have no idea if she really gets that a head shake means no.  Still, she does this, vigorously, when she doesn’t want to eat something, or when she’s done eating.  She also does this when I ask her if her fruit is good, or if she’s ready to get out of her high chair, so who knows.

First face to object infraction

This week, while I was 2 feet away and strapping on the baby carrier on so we could take out the trash, she walked over and fell into the stand for the neighbor’s big sun umbrella.  And then back onto the floor.  There was a little blood.  She has a cut/scratch under her lower lip. Sigh.

We went blueberry picking in Belgium last Friday.  I can’t say this is a 10 month old friendly sport but it was fun anyway.  Baby A liked the blueberries straight from the bucket.

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August 10, 2010 at 7:54 pm

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