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Little things

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I have a new and unexpected love for bibs, receiving blankets, and D’s iPod.

Prior baby, I had not a clue how much these little guys spit up.  Bibs and receiving blankets are saving furniture all over the world as you read this.

We also love the iPhone/iTouch capabilities since the little one’s arrival.  D received his iPod for Christmas two years ago but the only time it got a whole lot of use was when we traveled by air – it is great to watch tv and movies on.

In the last two months, though, we have used the iPod daily.  In the beginning we used an app called Total Baby that we could use to record how often she ate, had dirty diapers, etc…

Now we use it to surf the internet, watch videos streamed from our PCs, or read eBooks, while putting baby A into her bed to sleep.  It sure beats staring at the wall for the 30 minutes to an hour it takes for her to fall asleep “on her own”.   I’m currently reading Pride & Prejudice and maybe I’ll read The Three Musketeers next (both are free, public domain eBooks).  It’s also fun to re-watch old episodes of The Office.


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November 8, 2009 at 2:25 pm

Work rumors

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about reorganizations or lay-offs – it’s as common at the office as keyboard lint.

The last two months it was the reorganization – old managers with new titles, new departments with different objects and goals, until the next round of new objectives and goals is conspired. My favorite part is when they tell you nothing will change for you personally. Hmm… okay. Anyway, slight change of pace for this month – it is lay-offs.

I don’t really get aweary from this talk, mostly because I know that I can’t do anything about it. And sometimes it’s necessary for business. But I do get tired (almost instantaneously tired) of the worried talk, the worried faces of my co-workers. It sucks having these worries hanging over your head. The whole fear is the only thing to fear comes to mind.

Seems the big talk the last couple of years is outsourcing work to cheaper places. I would blog about this, but I’m honestly tired of talking/hearing about it. We should outsource unpleasant conversations, there’s a grand idea:

Dear India branch,

Please gather your workers into groups of 6 – 8 employees for multiple short meetings. The groups should mainly consist of your middle-aged employees with a sprinkling of newly hired, the more nervous and scared the new hires, the better. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss intricacies of why outsourcing works for some things and not others but how in general it’s ruining everything. Variations on the theme are welcome.

Don’t worry about reporting back the results or how soon you can get this done, it’s more of an open-ended item this time.

We’ll get in touch next week, I have a phone call I’d like you to make to with my tax advisor about why I don’t have all my receipts and paperwork together from last year.


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March 13, 2008 at 10:49 pm

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Engadget and google reader

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are ruining my boyfriend’s life. Or so he says. hehe.

Since I’ve been introduced into the blog thing, we both have set up subscriptions to various blogs with the Google reader. It’s easy to organize and keeps you up-to-date, what more could you want? He likes basketball stuff, I like books; we both have the subscriptions to engadget and a few other tech blogs. Anyone who visits Engadget knows they post 6-10 times an hour (maybe an exaggeration, maybe not). Every now and then when we are both playing on our respective laptops I hear him moan, he can’t keep with all these posts. I can’t help but giggle.

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December 11, 2007 at 9:40 pm

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I was on engadget and this Chumby thing was listed under the gift guide for boys. I am really not sure I get this thing at all. And I’m usually good at understanding tech/wacky/weird stuff, at least I thought so until now.

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December 4, 2007 at 12:00 am

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